Sep. 24th, 2009

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I've spent the past two days categorizing and researching my board game collection, as the first step in finally divesting myself of my largest remaining "collection." In doing so, I've been attempting to decide on my final "to keep" list, while calculating a fair value for the collection.

Here is a final list of games I intend to keep, along with explanations as to why they made the cut. I have also included 4 "maybes" which will survive the initial cut, but may be culled in the future. This will serve to both help finalize my decision making process, but also perhaps as insight in games to consider for those of you looking for a new game or two. I will likely discuss alternatives to a given selection that I have chosen to sell, and why. I am interested in additional observations or thoughts from those of you informed about board games.

Before I begin, this post should also serve as advanced notice that I intend to sell off the entire remainder of my game collection, which is approximately 280 games worth (at least) $6200. I will be selling it at a significant discount and am hoping to find a buyer for the full collection somewhere in the DFW area, either via BGG or Craig's List. I will, of course, ship it if the purchaser pays for the shipping and packaging costs. I'll post more about that later. For now, on with the keepers!

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